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New Bluewater Cruising Yachts Cygnet 20 - Classic Gaff Rigged Trailer Sailer

Price AU $59,000 Additional costs may apply

AU $59,000 Additional costs may apply
Reminiscent of the sturdy little yachts of yesteryear sailing on the bays of England's West Coast, the new Cygnet 20 Modern Gaffer has all the charm of the classics with the ease and affordability of modern yachts. Its traditional look and sweet lines will turn heads on the water, at every sailing club and boat ramp, providing any owner with the genuine lifetime pride of ownership.

Few ocean craft have the versatility of the The Cygnet 20. Fit for cruising the Swan River, racing or raiding the vast and beautiful waterways around Australia, the Cygnet 20 works under sail, with a motor, and even with good old fashioned manpower. Sail, power or row the Cygnet 20 into your next grand adventure.

Features Include:
- Deck and hull made from handlaid GRP.
- Lifting keel operated from the cockpit, making it simple to arrive in shallow bays or near the beach.
- Water ballast, via large capacity bilge pump. Ensuring safety and performance whilst sailing, but light to tow, launch and reover when un-ballasted.
- Carbon fibre spars, making the rig light and easily handled.
- Modern hull design, delivery great performance bother under sail and motor.
- Spacious cockpit, large enough to fit 4-6 people.
- Sail wardrobe of high peaked gaff mainsail and roller furling jib.
- All sheets leading back to the cockpit, for safe and quick handling in most sea conditions.
- Weekend accommodation for a couple or family of 4.
- Pop-up cabin top for extra headroom when at anchor.
- Galley featuring a single burner butane stove, cupboard for dinnerware, cutlery drawer, storage and sink.

In collaboration with Hardcastle/Lowe Yacht Design, Bluewater Cruising Yachts have taken a step away from their traditional builds of large cursing yachts to produce a modern classic -- a 20' trailer-sailer perfect for entry-level yachting.

**Price includes trailer and delivery to Western Australia**

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Western Australia
Fremantle WA
Family, Leisure, Racing
Bluewater Cruising Yachts
19' 2" - 5.85m
1250kg (loaded)
Keel / Ballast
Centre board with water ballast
Hull Material
Deck Material

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